Looking Ahead to the Third Tweed Ride

It’s a good thing that people are already asking about the next tweed ride. Many people have told me that it’s a symbol of Spring that they are looking forward to. That makes me feel good about all the work involved.

I need to set a date & find locations for beginnings & endings. Hopefully Olde English will put up with our rowdy gang of ladies & gentlemen again. I need to beg Dave to make another brilliant poster for us. I expect to start doing all of this soon, but here’s the thing: I need your help.

This is really important. I want to use words like vital & critical. This ride cannot happen without some help.

Last year we had more than 40 riders. That’s a line of cyclists that stretches multiple city blocks, sometimes a quarter of a mile long, perhaps longer. It’s difficult to get all of those people through intersections safely. It’s impossible to communicate with the group. Without marshals keeping the group together & safe & happy, the ride won’t happen. Last year I was lucky enough to have three people agree to be marshals the morning of the ride. They were godsends. The ride would have been a nightmare without them. I need at least three marshals this year; five would be good; seven would be great.

Marshals need to be confident cycling in traffic. You should know how to cork an intersection. I’d like to plan & test ride the route with this group so that we’re all familiar with it. Please contact me if you’re interested.

That’s the hard part, the most important part. Here are some other things that would make the ride a better experience.

If you own or manage a local bike shop, or if you are a member of a bicycling or pedestrian advocacy group, please join us & spread the word.

If you have a band with an appropriate sound, it would be delightful to end at a location with your music. Please get in touch. (Or if you’re talented enough to play an instrument while we ride, that’s cool, too.)

It would be wonderful if someone followed us with a camera & made a little film, like Julia Evanczuk did for our first ride.

I’d like to have little 1-inch buttons made for our riders. A little financial help would be much appreciated.

&, of course, it’s never too late to start using #albanytweed. I will do my best to keep up with you.

3 thoughts on “Looking Ahead to the Third Tweed Ride”

  1. Just let us know how the Cheese Traveler can help. We can post flyers canvassing for marshals. We have a few avid bicyclists that come to the shop.

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