Daily Grind Ride

Straight copypasta from the Albany Bicycle Coalition:

Round Trip Ride to Troy – 7th Annual Daily Grind Ride, Sat., 8/16, 10 AM – Sponsored by the Daily Grind Coffee Shops and the Albany Bicycle Coalition

It’s just a couple days away, so pump up those tires and appetite.  Note various meet-up options

7th Annual Daily Grind Ride, Sat., 8/16, 10 AM (try to arrive by 9:30-9:45)

Annual Daily Grind-to-Daily Grind Ride via the Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail will beSaturday, 8/16.  The Daily Grind will once again offer 50% off on food/beverages at theTroy Shop.

–         9:30 AM – Meet on Lark St. – Albany Daily Grind Café, 204 Lark St. (427-0464).

–         10:00- Depart Lark St. – We’ll head to the Boat Launch area (under 787) at the Corning Preserve via city streets and pause for a few minutes for re-assembly and a photo op.

–         We’ll next stop in Watervliet by the 787 underpass for a photo shoot on the banks of the Hudson – then off via the city streets of sunny Watervliet and the Green Island Bridge.

–         Our destination is the Daily Grind Café in Troy (43 3rd St., 272-8658)

–         The Troy Farmers Market runs from 9 AM to 1 PM.

–         We’ll return by the same route or via B’way and Albany Rural Cemetery.

More Info:

  • You may join the ride at any of the locations cited above. 
  • Relaxed, causally paced ride.
  • Riders of all abilities and ages welcome – including families.
  • Water recommended and helmet suggested.

Sponsored by: Daily Grind Coffee Shops and the Albany Bicycle Coalition

Urban Velo

I’ve been a fan & subscriber of Urban Velo for years. Recently, they interviewed me about the Albany Tweed Ride as part of an article about fun rides. Words cannot contain my excitement! You can peruse issue #43 here.

Urban Velo is a wonderful magazine writing about bicycle culture in cities around the world. A large amount of the photos & articles come from members of the cycling community. Articles covers topics like community repair shops, grassroots advocacy, races, bike polo, as well as product reviews. It’s definitely quality.

Panniers & Summer Fun

I’ve written about carrying things on your bike. I have a pannier on my bike & while sometimes I want to remove it, quite often it’s indispensable. Here are some things I’ve been carrying in it.

  • An extra tail light.
  • A water bottle.
  • Rain gear, because those summer storms come on quick.
  • Lunch. I get a thrill out of riding over to Andy’s & Son’s for a big sandwich & then taking it back to the office. For an even bigger thrill, breakfast from Bread & Honey.
  • A picnic blanket.
  • Books. Groceries. Beer. Chips & dips for parties I’ve been invited to.
  • Etc.

My panniers, & my bike, have become essential to my summer fun.



Lately I have been enjoying riding my bike at night. It doesn’t really sound like a big deal but let me tell you.

Right now it’s summer. Days are in the 80s & often muggy. Slogging a bike around in this weather is sometimes disgusting. But at night it cools down, occasionally by as much as 20 degrees. The breeze makes it even better.

I am usually one of the few, if not the only, people on bicycles that I encounter with lights. I’m going to curtail a rant here & just say that I know people can see me. Drivers & pedestrians alike. & I like seeing street signs flashing as they reflect my headlights, sometimes for blocks ahead of me.

There are fewer cars. This means I can be bold & take the lane. I don’t have to fight so hard for a place on the street. In some places there are no parked cars, which leaves blocks deliciously wide open.

& the people! They are fighting in the bushes on Delaware, kissing in the alley on Madison. They are sitting at a picnic table in Washington Park, their faces lit up by their smartphones.

& oh, the architecture! The college campuses. The old houses on Madison. The columns of the state buildings.  The nooks & crannies of all those churches, all of them lit up like trophies. The Playhouse in Washington Park, at night in the summer, is a beautiful thing.

So ride your bike. There’s magic out there.

A civilized ride through the streets of Albany NY